I am discovering so much this summer now that I decided to take a break from summer jobs and focus solely on my school's new math curriculum and getting my Daily 5 system going. SOOOOO BUSY :) 

I am also changing my theme from polka-dots to camping as well as reorganizing my entire classroom. Why not have stuff planned to do? I am severely excited to get everything into motion and see how smoothly or bumpy my new programs will run.  

6/18/2012 11:07:56

Welcome to WBT! It was so great to see you post in the forums and invite us all here. =) Be sure to link up to my linky party so that other WBT teachers can find you as well. Let me know if you need anything.

WBT Blog Coordinator
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7/3/2012 04:11:36

Hello! My name is Carolyn and I'm a new blogger, too. I'm just getting started with WBT this coming school year and I also use The Daily Five.

Hey, I would like to award you the "One Lovely Blog Award." You can pick it up at http://thirdgradeadventuresinelbert.blogspot.com/

It will be nice to learn with you this comining year.

Mrs. Alyson O'Connor
7/3/2012 13:55:38

I can't wait to take on some new techniques this year! We will definitely need to compare notes throughout the year!


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