I am discovering so much this summer now that I decided to take a break from summer jobs and focus solely on my school's new math curriculum and getting my Daily 5 system going. SOOOOO BUSY :) 

I am also changing my theme from polka-dots to camping as well as reorganizing my entire classroom. Why not have stuff planned to do? I am severely excited to get everything into motion and see how smoothly or bumpy my new programs will run.  

If you click the button below, it will take you to a WONDERFUL blog for teachers implementing the Daily 5 or CAFE programs. They are reading through both books during July and allowing for discussion between teachers. CAN'T WAIT! 

We Read, We Blog, We Teach
This is our "Poet Tree" in April when we study poetry month! Each leaf has a Haiku about spring!
When a student completes a Multiplication Mad Minute their monkey moves up the palm tree until they reach their individual goal. When they do, the get to choose a monkey that is hanging in the tree!
This was our Valentines Day mailbox
Classroom reading tree with our "Multiplication Monkeys" just hanging around waiting to go home with a lucky student!
I am currently changing my polka-dot theme to a camping theme or "Hiking with God- To Explore His Creation." I will be posting templates as well as pictures tomorrow of the first few bulletin boards I have completed. I am also working on organizing all of my current teaching tools.

I know it is only June 12 but you can never start too early.....right?!